ECC specializes in a variety of re-siding options, with Fiber Cement (Hardie) and Vinyl emerging as the preferred choices.

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Fiber cement siding is a resilient and dependable choice, offering robust protection against the elements. It's combination of strength, aesthetic appeal, and durability enhances and safeguards your property in all weather conditions. Available in a range of looks, styles, colors, and textures, each engineered to suit different climates, fiber cement siding provides versatility and visual appeal.

At Executive Coatings And Contracting, we possess the experience and expertise necessary to professionally and promptly install or replace fiber cement siding. We invite you to explore the numerous possibilities that residing with this exceptional product can bring to your apartment community. Let's discuss how we can elevate your property together.

To initiate any residing project, ECC follows a meticulous process to ensure long-lasting protection and a transformative aesthetic. We commence by enveloping your entire buildings in a weather barrier, utilizing materials such as Tyvek or Jumbo Tex based on your preference. In addition, we install ice and water shields around all windows, doors, and both inside and outside corners, guaranteeing weather-tight integrity.

To facilitate proper drainage, we meticulously place flashing at all doors and windows. Once all your buildings are fortified and weatherproofed, our skilled crews are poised to install new siding, turning your apartment complex from old and outdated into a fresh and inviting space.

Investing in new siding not only enhances the visual appeal but also mitigates future maintenance concerns, providing you with a look you'll adore and peace of mind

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