As an integral part of your  exterior renovation, we strongly recommend updating the coatings on your landings, decks, balconies, pool decks and breezeways to enhance the overall appeal and durability of your property

Enhance safety and style with durable waterproofing systems.

There are multiple options available for this procedure, each offering a range of benefits. Beyond refreshing the aesthetic appeal, it brings significant safety and structural advantages. Our floor coatings application services result in a resilient, long-lasting surface for your common areas, breezeways, landings, decks, and pool decks.

At Executive Coatings And Contracting, we conduct a thorough assessment of your property and guide you through the best product, color, and texture options to meet your waterproofing needs. Contact us today, and let us explore the advantages of epoxy floor coatings while providing color and pattern solutions tailored to your preferences

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