It’s That Time of Year…

Alta Loma. This 290- Unit Garden style complex is professionally managed by Cushman & Wakefield and sits just at the base of Mt. Baldy. Our experienced estimators assessed each building for dry rot and life safety issues.

Budget season is upon us. This is the time of the year where Multi-Family operation teams are

waist-deep in preparing budgets for the upcoming year; we think we can all agree, 2022 is looking brighter for our Industry.

These projects could be considered a “must-do” or on the “wish list”. Either way, budgeting for

Capital Improvements is a must. When you mention capital improvements or renovations to any on-site team, you can almost feel the cringe, although the outcome is always beneficial, we all know that it is a lengthy process filled with dozens of questions and sometimes, un-satisfied residents before the project will even commence.

There are many factors to why capital improvements are important. First and foremost is safety. For example, it can be an unhinged stair railing, wood rot in deck boards, un sloped breezeways that retain water and can freeze in harsh winter months.

Since we are on the topic of exteriors, let’s get to exterior paint. We all know color trends are

ever-changing; with the abundance of new construction and style, there is pressure to keep up.

Curb appeal in any property is what draws in new leads, whether a potential renter driving by or browsing online.

Clean, fresh colors applied by a professional crew member of ECC will transform the community.

Aesthetics aside, there are other aspects in exterior painting that preserve the property. Paint is the armor to your community. The industry standard is putting a fresh coat of paint on every five to seven years, depending on elevations and exposure.  

Whether your wish list is an exterior repaint, waterproofing the walkways/breezeways, replacing dry rot/siding, or a whole new roof replacement. Executive Coatings And Contracting is the Industry Leader in all Exterior Capital Improvements.